New Images

Metropolis: Bangkok at Night.
Shwedagon Pagoda in the Rain
Late Afternoon Walk
Twilight at the Temples of Bagan
Morning Alms
The Cycle of Life
Salvation Bay
Clearing Storm over Machu Picchu
Life in the Balance
Crimson Crags
Chasing Shadows
Old Colonial Sao Luis
Pink Sands
Starlight Dunes
Wind Sand and Stars
Metallic Dunes
Another World
The Red Planet
A Walk in the Clouds
The Sweep of Light
The Encounter
Whale Shark!
Breaking Waves, Ofu Beach.
Chaos under the Waves
Jellyfish!  Shimizu Island, El Nido.
Mt. Mayon and the Rice Fields.
Snorkeler's View.
Fun in the Hammock!
Etched by the Setting Sun
Typhoon Dreams.
Lagoon Life
The Crystalline Waters of Palawan
Lion Fish Sunstar
Fire Light and Stars.
Hidden Beach
San Blas Serenity
The Painted Desert
Emerald Pool
Golden Glow
Street Colors
Cheri's Corner
Rock Sand and Storm
The Fortress Walls
Beneath the Veil
Anse Severe
The Passage of Generations
Mountain Harvest
Tea with the Sadhus
Welcome to Kathmandu
The Play of Light
Rio at Night
The Color of Thunder
The Soft Sands of Twilight
Delicate Shore