Mike's Favorites

A Portfolio of Michael Anderson's Favorite Images from the last 7 years of travel around the world.

               	ama dablam photo,everest trek pictures,ama dablam picture,himalaya picture,sunset
cormorant fisherman,guilin,china landscapes,Li River,HSBC,classic china landscapes
               	ofu island,samoa beach,american samoa,national park,underwater,secret beaches
monk,temple,bagan,light beams,light rays,burma,glow,myanmar,culture,buddhism,praying,buddhist,interior
lencois maranhenses, brazil beach, sand dunes, sunset, lake, beach, brasil
ama dablam photos,ama dablam sunset,ama dablam pictures,himalaya mountains,everest trek
lencois maranhenses, sand dunes, brazil beach, lakes, sunrise, ripples, south america
ice cavern,ice cave photo,glacier ice,glacier picture, mons icefield,canadian rockies picture,skier
Inle Lake, fishermen, fog, balancing, baskets, Burma, Myanmar
iguazu falls sunset,iguacu falls,waterfall,brazil,foz de Iguacu,rainforest,sunset
zion narrows picture,zion narrows photo,zion river,zion canyon picture,slot canyon picture,canyoneer
seychelles beach,la digue,,anse source d'argent,sunset, boulders,beaches,tropical island
monk, light beams, praying, window, bagan, burma, buddhist, portrait, temple, culture
lencois maranhenses,sand dunes, pink, sand, twilight, brasil, lagoon, beach, sunset
Sneffels, Fall, Colorado, Aspens, Ridgway, San Juan, Mountains, sunset, snow
Colorado, San Juan, Mountains, Autumn, Telluride, snow, San Sofia, Campbell
Black Canyon Gunnison, Double, Rainbow, Sunset, Colorado, National Park, Gorge, Desert, Rain, Storm, Monsoon, Horizontal
cerro torre, laguna torre, patagonia, sunrise, el chalten, los glaciares, argentina, icebergs, alpenglow, reflection
angel falls photos,angel falls pictures,canaima pictures,canaima photos,tallest waterfall,tepuis
machu picchu, peru, inca ruins, sunrise, sun gate, inca trail, trek, classic trek
monks, temple, light rays, bagan, burma, myanmar, study, book, reading, buddhist
monk, bagan, burma, light, rays, temple, touching, culture buddhism
jericoacoara photos,brazil beach,beach boats,jeri pictures,jangada,sand dune,stranded
Christmas Tree, autumn, leaves, aspens, fall, ornaments,  San Juan Mountains, Colorado, Telluride, Ouray, Lake City, painting, snowstorm
Bunaken, underwater, diving, snorkeling, reef, over under, split view, sunset, underwater photography, boat, island, Man
aspens, Colorado, fall, San Juan, mountains, Telluride, Ouray, vertical boles, etching, high pass
sing sing,stars,tsoi lik,papua new guinea culture,traditional dance, island, kavieng, tambaran, night
               	everest,base camp,trek,ama dablam,photo,lake,reflection,nepal,himalaya
Telluride, Autumn, Fall, snow, Ajax, san juan, mountains, Colorado, aspens, sunset
               	shark, underwater photography, marovo lagoon, uepi, tropical, south pacific
bagan,temple,burma,window,stairway,mother and child,children,culture,buddhist,buddhism,pointing,light,interior
               	seychelles picture,la digue island,boulders,sunset,anse source d'argent beach
monks, fields, bagan, burma, myanmar, culture, work, rural
monk, bagan, burma, myanmar, temple, thinking, pondering, umbrella, meditation, buddhist, buddhism
portrait, woman, kathmandu, nepal, veil, blue, eyes, face, people, culture, durbar square, nepali
               	tengboche,monastery,everest trek,ama dablam,nepal,himalaya,trekking,sunset,shangri la
himalaya sunset,himalaya picture,himalaya photo,himalaya lake,everest trek photo,reflection
shangri la,karakal,yading pictures,yading photo,Jampelyang yungmaijung,Luorong,reflection,Manjusri,kora,daocheng
seychelles,night sky,stars,indian ocean,sunset,anse source d'argent,beach,la digue island
burma, smoker, portrait, cherub, myanmar, traditional, culture, people, old man
lencois maranhenses, sand dunes, night photography, milky way, stars, barreirinhas, brasil, brazil, desert
monks, Bagan, Burma, candles, temple, thadingyut, festival, elder, novice, reading, buddhist lent, myanmar
yading picture,yading photo,yading fall,karakal,yading trek,jangmaijung,kora trek,Jampelyang,daocheng
tengboche monastery,everest trek,tengboche photo,tengboche picture,tengboche sunset,cloud sea,nepal,shangri la
lencois maranhenses, sand dunes, milky way, stars, night photo, tent, camp, southern cross, brasil, brazil, Barreirinhas
petite anse,seychelles,la digue,eden,beach,white sand,paradise,cove,indian ocean
yading picture,yading trek,yading photo,Chanadorje,tibet picture,china,yading fall,kora trek,daocheng
               	etu moana,blue starfish,aitutaki,aitutaki photos,cook island photos,tide pool,sunset
mars, red planet, stars, milky way, night, sand dunes, jericoacoara, brazil, southern cross
blowholes, blow, holes, tonga, mapua, vaca, sunset, waves, south pacific, tongetapu, island
Colorado, fall, Sneffels, Dallas Divide, aspens, sunset, San Juans, Telluride, Ouray, Rocky Mountains
fitzroy picture,fitzroy photo,patagonia fall,lenga tree,patagonia picture,patagonia photo,trek,capri
patagonia sunset,fitzroy,cerro torre,clouds,el chalten,orange,argentina landscapes,los glaciares
buddha head, trees, ayutthaya, ruins, culture, thailand, buddhism, ancient, asia
iguazu falls,iguazu falls,la garganta del diablo,waterfall,iguazu sunrise,iguacu
ghost, great gallery, stars, canyonlands, pictographs, anasazi, ruins, ancient puebloans, rock art
coyote gulch,coyote gulch waterfall,escalante photos, slot canyons,escalante cottonwoods,fall, autum
lencois maranhenses, sand dunes, sunrise, sunset, lakes, beach ,brazil, brasil
el nido, palawan, philippines, over under, split level, underwater, beach, cadlao, tropical, coral, island
lencois maranhenses, full moon, sunrise, lake, sand dunes, blue, brazil, other world, surreal
               	nepal culture,hungry child,kathmandu portrait,nepal portrait,bodhnath,nepal culture
iguazu falls, iguacu, cataratas, rainforest, waterfall, mist, blue, vertical, brazil, argentina
llama,machu picchu,sunset,inca,lost city,ancient ruins, peru,lost civilization,empire
Iguazu falls,rainbow,waterfall,rainforest,brazil,la garganta del diablo,iguacu,cataratas
patagonia,cerro torre,sunset,icebergs,laguna torre,los glaciares,el chalten
               	bodhnath stupa,kathmandu culture,pidgeons,monks,bodhnath ceremony,nepal
meili snow mountain sunrise,deqin,blowing prayer flags,chorten,kora,Feilaisi,Feilai Temple
cerro torre sunrise,icebergs,patagonia,reflection,laguna torre,glaciers
               	taiyo wreck,marovo,diving,snorkeling, underwater photography,shipwreck,solomon
machu picchu,sunrise,clouds,ruins,peru,lost city,seven wonders,inca,fog
               	stars, american samoa, starlight, turtle and shark, blowhole, tutuila, photos, south
shattered ice,ice patterns,patagonia photos,ice abstract, blue ice,patagonia pictures
Fitzroy, patagonia, sunrise, waterfall, alpenglow, vertical, los glaciares, el chalten, autumn, otono
               	sharks, underwater, uepi, diving, snorkeling, charapoana, marovo, solomon islands, s
iguazu sunrise,la garganta del diablo,iguazu falls,cataratas iguacu,iguazu waterfall,iguacu photo
antelope canyon beam,beam,shaft,slot canyon,slot canyon print,slot canyon picture,lower antelope
slot canyon print,wave,antelope canyon,slot canyon picture,canyoneering,secret canyon,sandstone

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