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The Wild Coast of Ta'u

National Park of American Samoa

The South coast of Ta'u island has some of the most spectacular scenery in the Pacific. It is wild, pristine and seriously remote. Samoans believe that humans were first created here at the ancient Saua site, auspiciously marked only by a few weathered and windswept boulders.

We flew to these islands to photograph The National Park of American Samoa, the least visited, least known and one of the most spectacular of all the US National Parks. It's the 50th American National Park, and the only one south of the equator. The park consists of three units, one for each of the main islands that make up American Samoa: Tutuila (the main island), Ta'u (seen in this photo) and the crown jewel of the park, Ofu Island, one of the most visually stunning islands in the South Pacific.

We started the trip with a small plane ride here to the mysterious island of Ta'u. We hiked out to the most remote point in the park, near where this image was taken.  The trail takes you through virgin Pacific Rainforest where a number of endangered species thrive in the pristine environment.  Humpback Whales were breaching right off the shore. The next day we met a couple fishermen who agreed to take us in their boat across the straight to Ofu Island, our main destination in the park.

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