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Fitzroy Range, Argentine Patagonia.

The most spectacular sunset I've seen in a couple years unfolded after a cold, rainy and windy day in Patagonia. As tempting as it can be, you can't hole up in bad weather in Patagonia or you will miss the spectacular light. Finding an interesting foreground was difficult in this area, so I went with a standard layered composition and zoomed in on the peaks.

The natural light in Patagonia is extraordinary, probably because of the pristine air quality and the low slanting rays of the southern latitude, especially in the fall. The high altitude sunsets of the Himalaya are the only other place I've seen such vivid colors. The sensor of my 5D Mk II could barely handle the full color spectrum and intensity of this sunset. I actually had to DE-saturate the sky slightly to keep the yellows in check.

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