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Living on the Edge

Adamants Range, British Columbia, Canada

I was going through some old slides and found this image from a ski traverse of the Adamants Range in British Columbia. The terrain was absolutely incredible and it was common to have to ski through/around icefalls like this one. This is a scan of a 35mm slide and it reminds me how difficult it would be to repeat a trip like this using digital equipment. Batteries would always be cold and there was little sun to permit solar charging. You couldn't bring too many batteries because of weight limitations skiing with a big pack. Maybe there's one niche left for 35mm film? By the way: The guys I went with are certifiably crazy. I don't condone getting this close to a gigantic crevasse ever, especially with such a short rope distance between skiers. I masked my yellow ways by telling them I needed to stay back to give 'a grand perspective' to the shots. It worked most of the time.

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