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Pink Sands

Lencois Maranhenses Sand Dunes, Brazil.

The pastel colors of twilight are absorbed by the soft white sands of the dunes.

I almost forgot to mention the killer birds that tried to attack me while I was photographing the sunset this night. They must have a nest up there on the dune because they would squack and circle me and then take turns diving in a fast swoop nearly hitting my head. You could hear the whistle in their wings when they nearly hit me. It was crazy! A big distraction to my photography efforts, that´s for sure! I had to hold my teva sandle up in my hand the whole time and threaten to throw it at them whenever they swooped at me. I assumed they would calm down and leave after it got dark, but they kept coming back. I couldn´t see them at night, I could only hear the whistle of their wings when they swooped at my head in the dark. That was spooky when I was shooting the stars and setting up the timelapse. I don´t know if they would actually hit me with their long sharp beak or not- it certainly would leave a mark if they did...

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