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Dani Elder Tribesman.

Tangma Village, West Papua, Indonesia.

 A Dani tribe elder wearing a classic 'Koteca' or penis gourd greets us outside his traditional home in a remote village in the highlands of New Guinea.  We were trekking along a local foot path high in the mountains above the Baliem Valley and got a bit lost and ended up in this village somewhat by mistake.  The locals were very accomodating and let us stay in a family hut similar to the one in this picture.  We ate the local spinach and taro root and sang songs with the kids around the kitchen fire.  It was an amazing experience!  

NOTE: The Dani are not particularly fond of cameras and I was able to take this iPhone 6 photo but they objected to any more photos after I pulled out my Canon SLR.  Therefore the quality of this photo is not comparable to the other images on this site.  However it was such a unique photo opportunity I chose to include it on the website. If you are interested in ordering this image as a print, please contact me directly so we can discuss sizing and print resolution.

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