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Touch the Light

Bagan, Burma.

I met this woman at the base of this temple where she was selling coconuts. I had already planned to climb to the top for sunset and star photos. I told her I would buy a coconut after I finished photographing if she was still around. I climbed down well after dark and everyone had left but she waited the entire time to sell me that coconut. She hacked the top off with a machete, dropped a straw in and we talked awhile in limited English. She said she needed that last sale. The cost of the coconut? One dollar. I gave her five.  The next day I went back and she was there again.  We talked awhile and then walked up this stairway  into the temple.  Her baby spontaneously pointed into the light and she agreed to let me take this photo of her and her new baby. The spontaneity of this scene makes it one of my favorite images from the entire trip.

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