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New Images from my recent travels.

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Ridgway, Aspens, Cimarron, Fall, Uncompaghre, Forest, Colorado, cliff
Telluride, Autumn, Fall, snow, Ajax, san juan, mountains, Colorado, aspens, sunset
Sneffels, Fall, Colorado, Aspens, Ridgway, San Juan, Mountains, sunset, snow
Colorado, San Juan, Mountains, Autumn, Telluride, snow, San Sofia, Campbell
aspens, fall, Colorado, sky, glow, clouds, rocky mountains, view up
fall, aspens, Colorado, snow, San Juan, mountains, fall, Ouray, Telluride, Durango
aspens, Colorado, fall, San Juan, mountains, Telluride, Ouray, vertical boles, etching, high pass
aspens, fall, Colorado, snow, San Juan, Mountains, fog, mist, September
chimney rock, aspens, Colorado, fall, autumn, fog, San Juan, mountains, Ouray, Telluride, orange, purple
Telluride, Aspen, Fall, Wilson peak, snow, mountains
Colorado, Fall, aspens, Telluride, Ouray, Wilson, sunset, glow, sun star, autumn, rocky mountains
aspens, Colorado, fall, autumn, snow, Molas Pass, storm, San Juan, rocky mountains, Ouray, Durango, Animas, Telluride
Colorado, aspens, fall, autumn, snow, meadow, San Juan, Ouray, Telluride, Durango, Rocky Mountains
Colorado, fall, Sneffels, Dallas Divide, aspens, sunset, San Juans, Telluride, Ouray, Rocky Mountains
Aspens, fall, Colorado, San Juan, Telluride, Ouray, Rocky Mountains, Autumn, river
raja ampat, beach, island, sand bar, indonesia beaches, tropical island, diving
raja ampat, diving, snorkeling, kri island, yenkoranu, fish ball, cape kri
Dani, tribe, Baliem, portrait, women, culture, New Guinea, West Papua
Dani, Wamena, Koteca, Tribe, elder, traditional, culture, trek, New Guinea
raja ampat, passage, cave, cavern, underwater, diving, snorkeling, island, gam
Bunaken, underwater, diving, snorkeling, reef, over under, split view, sunset, underwater photography, boat, island, Man
rice fields, bali, water, volcano, highlands, reflection, culture, indonesia, sunset, Batur
clown fish, anemone, raja ampat, underwater, diving, snorkeling, indonesia
raja ampat, sharks, indonesia, underwater, diving, snorkeling
raja ampat, yengkoranu, homestay, accomodation, Indonesia islands, indonesia beaches, indonesia diving
bunaken, sulawesi, underwater, over under, split view, manado, indonesia, volcano, adventure travel, diving
Raja Ampat, Islands, Pianemo homestay, indonesia, indonesia beach, indonesia diving, southeast asia islands
raja ampat, yenkoranu, homestay, kri island, accomodation, indonesia islands, indonesia beaches, indonesia diving, under
bagan, burma, myanmar, monks, forest, trail, path, temple, afternoon
Long neck women, myanmar, burma, tribe, culture, gold rings, portrait, southeast asia
monk, bagan, burma, light, rays, temple, touching, culture buddhism
monks, Bagan, Burma, candles, temple, thadingyut, festival, elder, novice, reading, buddhist lent, myanmar
monks, temple, light rays, bagan, burma, myanmar, study, book, reading, buddhist
bagan, burma, temple, sunset, myanmar, pastel, pink, buddhist, ancient
monks, candles, temple, bagan, burma, myanmar, festival, buddhism
monks, children,playing, portrait, burma, bagan, myanmar, tunnel, blue, faces
monks, umbrellas, window, temple, burma, bagan, myanmar
monks, candles, buddha, buddhism, children, burma, myanmar, bagan
monk, bagan, burma, myanmar, temple, thinking, pondering, umbrella, meditation, buddhist, buddhism
monk, bagan, burma, alms, door, window, barefoot, step, buddhism, myanmar
monk, burma, bagan, candle, temple, hall,culture, buddhism, buddhist
Thadingyut festival, buddhist lent, bagan, moonrise, burma, temples, sunset, myanmar
monks, fields, bagan, burma, myanmar, culture, work, rural
burma, smoker, portrait, cherub, myanmar, traditional, culture, people, old man
monk, temple, window, light beams, bagan, burma, myanmar, alms bowl, culture, portrait
monk, light beams, praying, window, bagan, burma, buddhist, portrait, temple, culture
Inle Lake, fishermen, fog, balancing, baskets, Burma, Myanmar
monks, line, umbrellas, bagan, burma, myanmar, sunset, temple
monk,temple,bagan,light beams,light rays,burma,glow,myanmar,culture,buddhism,praying,buddhist,interior
bagan,temple,burma,window,stairway,mother and child,children,culture,buddhist,buddhism,pointing,light,interior
parasols, umbrellas, burma, myanmar, culture, color
loi krathong, yi peng, chiang mai, thailand, floating lantern release, monks, candles, reflection, buddhism, culture
inle lake, burma, fisherman, traditional, culture, basket, sunset, light beams, myanmar
Thanaka, street vendor, burma, myanmar, yangon, culture, portrait
shwedagon, night, reflection, kandawgyi lake, burma, yangon, myanmar
Yangon,Shwedagon Pagoda, Kandawgyi lake, night,reflection,Burma
Bangkok, Thailand, Cityscape, Chong Nonsi, BTS Skytrain, Night photography, city lights, traffic
shwedagon paya, shwedagon pagoda, reflection, rain, umbrellas, monks, night, buddhism, burma, myanmar
Inle lake, fishermen, portrait, burma, myanmar, sunset, smoking, nets, baskets
monks, parasols, umbrellas, temples, bagan, burma, myanmar, walking, sunset, culture
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