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Odyssey: A Dream Journey to South America and the South Seas.

02.02.11 | 36 Comments


  • On 02.02.11 Catherine Leblanc wrote these words:

    GREAT ! I like it. It’s fabulous. Thanks.

  • On 02.02.11 Bret Edge wrote these words:

    Mike – I’ve watched this a couple times already. Blown away. Just. Blown away.

  • On 02.02.11 Tim Donnelly wrote these words:

    Amazing compilation there Michael! An inspiration to one and all!

  • On 02.02.11 Hélio Cristóvão wrote these words:

    WOW! Breathtaking landscapes, masterfully done video.

  • On 02.03.11 Michael Anderson wrote these words:

    Thanks everyone! I hope it was a nice 11 minute escape!


  • On 02.03.11 Mark Laussade wrote these words:

    Inspired, awed, and just a little jealous. Great work!

  • On 02.04.11 Casey wrote these words:

    this is amazing… breathtaking… wonderfully done

  • On 02.04.11 Tauqeer Niazi wrote these words:

    it’s magical.. beautiful.. no words to express my feeling to your work.. head off to your work sir.. purely amazing..

  • On 02.04.11 Nadia Kaheil wrote these words:

    This is really wonderful!
    Took me to another world.

  • On 02.05.11 Jeremy wrote these words:

    Beautiful Imagery Michael, fantastic work. Really hope to visit some of these areas someday.

  • On 02.05.11 Bob and Vallie Scott wrote these words:

    WOW..what a wonderful, well done video..What imagination to put it all together ! How do you find the time to do what all you do ???

  • On 02.05.11 Michael Anderson wrote these words:

    No kids… 😉

  • On 02.05.11 Winnie ho wrote these words:

    Mike- you have outdone yourself here. Absolutely LOVED this! beautiful imagery, superb story telling that transports the viewer immediately to another world where time has no meaning. thanks for sharing your spirit of adventure.

  • On 02.05.11 Michael Anderson wrote these words:

    Thanks Winnie! Coming from you and Kah Kit, that really means a lot!


  • On 02.05.11 Winnie ho wrote these words:

    Did u shoot this with your 5d?

  • On 02.05.11 Michael Anderson wrote these words:

    Winnie, 90% of it was shot with my 5D MkII and a few short sequences were shot with a Sony Cybershot Pocket camera. I had 2 years worth of short video clips that I shot between ‘golden hour sessions’ and I thought it would be nice to pull them all together into one video. The dream sequence was filmed last week as bookends for the video clips. It’s fun to experiment with video- very different than shooting stills! Editing the video taught me a lot of lessons I will apply to my next trip (use a tripod for video!) and I’d like to experiment more with short DOF and timelapse. Are you going to shooting video?

  • On 02.06.11 Winnie ho wrote these words:

    Have been playing around in between stills- heaps of clips on file and not quite sure what to do with it. I don’t have a proper video tripod head and have no video editing skills at this point, but it is a powerful tool. I’m sure we will be seeing more fotogs using video in the future. BTW I have already asked Kah Kit to email you for an interview request, so hopefully we will be hearing from you soon. cheers!

  • On 02.06.11 Michael Anderson wrote these words:

    Final Cut Pro has a steep learning curve, but I personally think it’s the way to go- and I know from KKY’s recent review that you have access to a Mac Book Air! Thanks for the possible interview opportunity. I’m looking forward to hearing from him. Have a great weekend.


  • On 02.07.11 Jason Kim wrote these words:

    Stunning piece of visual work, Michael. Amazing to think that this was done as an aside from your still photography, I hope you continue to explore and create. An absolute feast for the eyes.

  • On 02.10.11 Karsten Wrobel wrote these words:

    VERY cool, Mike. I particularly enjoyed recognising the places from your stills… the wind over the Patagonian lake is just fab… some things can only come across in moving pictures…

  • On 02.13.11 Mark Metternich wrote these words:

    Geeze, that is very inspirational! Killer job on your vid! Some of those places I have got to go see. The waterfalls and the sand dunes especially!

  • On 04.11.11 Rusty@Camping Crossroads wrote these words:

    Absolutely beautiful and inspiring – just discovered your site and am truly impressed with your work.

  • On 05.05.11 Petra Helbing wrote these words:

    Very..very nice Mike,
    ich bin von dem Video so sehr beeindruckt, das mir eigentlich die Worte fehlen.
    Ich hatte das Gefühl, ich bin mitten drinnen in den Bildern.
    Dann noch die Musik dazu….wow!
    Thank you für diese ODYSSEY !!!

  • On 06.19.11 Shadesofgrey wrote these words:

    Dear Mike, I do get to see some great piece of work on the net, but rarely, some work gets etched with a lasting impression. Keep up the good work…

  • On 06.26.11 cabinet stomatologic wrote these words:

    Your work is very nice and I’m truly love it!
    All the best!

  • On 06.26.11 stomatologie wrote these words:

    very nice! amazing!

  • On 07.28.11 Brad Lipp wrote these words:

    wow this clip is one of the finest Ive seen. Music, images, mood, and everything sensory combined to bring anyone to tears over the beauty available to us! Great JOB! I can only hope my images and eye can be so well developed! Thanks

  • On 09.26.11 Anish wrote these words:

    Beautiful photography. Amazing video. If I could use only two words to describe you, Michael, I would say – soul capturer. I have enjoyed reading and viewing your blog so much that I will be putting up your blog in my must read blog list.

  • On 10.03.11 Juan josé Teijeira wrote these words:

    Sencillamente fantastico, es un gran sueño. Felicidades

  • On 10.10.11 Shane Kelley wrote these words:

    Absolutely beautiful 🙂

  • On 10.25.11 Lalla wrote these words:

    Your pictures are my dream: the dream of traveling to places you have photographed, Southwest, Tibet, Islands, and I dream to take pictures as beautiful as yours.
    I can just look at your pictures, they are real, full of light, color and emotion. Sure to show your website to friends.

  • On 12.14.11 Mark and Tippaya wrote these words:

    I so much enjoy viewing this type of website. It really effects folks who see it, as many of them become motivated to travel afterwards. Unfortunately, people from the U.S. travel less than most (perhaps all) other first world nationalites, and so miss out on most of the world.
    As for me: I’m a retired U.S. National Park Ranger who retired as soon as he could (I was 52 and had done law enforcement, hence able to stop work ASAP), traveled alone through Belize, Guatamala, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, and met my wife in Thailand. She’s Thai, a computer engineer, and I convinced her to marry me (quite a feat!), quit work (If a Thai does this they may not be able to find work again) and travel with me. I’ve been with her for 5 years now, and am writing this from Thailand, about to travel to Vietnam & Laos, & next year to Mongolia & Nepal.
    All of us represent our country, and local folks remember what we do and say. My country in particular is often disliked by others, although they almost never blame me personally. Often the dislike is very legitimate.
    Keep up the great photography and writing, as reading your blogs has given me ideas for the future, and much enjoyment now.
    Tippaya & Mark Gall
    last U.S. residence: Pueblo, Colorado
    next one: who knows?

  • On 12.23.11 Bogdan wrote these words:

    Hi Mike.
    I should start by saying I am a huge admirer of your work. Your photos always made me daydream about those places. The places always seemed perfect, and the photos look like they are made far back in time when Earth was a paradise, not destructed by humans. But when I saw the movie I was blown away. It left me speechless. It’s an amazing video. In fact I am promoting it on my facebook page. You are one of the photographers that inspire me the most in my photography. I just wish to have the chance to visit those places someday. And I wish to capture them at least half as beautiful as you did. Neah, I’m kidding. I know my potential and my ambition. If I would have the chance to see those places I would try my best to capture them even more beautiful than you. But I probably wouldn’t get the chance to visit those places anyway. This is what I wrote on facebook about your clip: “it’s 11 minutes of sheer beauty. It’s a video-clip made by Michael Anderson. One of the photographers I admire the most. A photographer that inspires me. A person that I envy a little because he had the chance to travel to the world’s most photogenic places. After seeing the video I couldn’t decide what I like the most: this video or his photos. But enough talking. This is my Christmas present for you: http://vimeo.com/19476009 Enjoy the… Odyssey. I really did, and it left me speechless. If you want to see his photos just click on them in the down right corner of the vimeo page. I guess I should have described the movie as PERFECT. Everything is well placed and the amount of work and creativity involved in making this movie is obviously A LOT. Great pictures, perfect soundtrack, very very beautiful idea. Maybe it’s because it reflects my habits: to read about far away places and daydream about them :)) Tell me what you think.” Congratulations Michael & thanks for sharing.

  • On 12.25.11 Michael Anderson wrote these words:

    Thanks for the kind words Bogden! I love meeting and talking to other people with the same passion for travel! Seems like we have similar views when it comes to really LIVING our lives!

  • On 01.24.12 Bogdan wrote these words:

    You’re welcome, Michael. We do have similar views but I’m still in the daydreaming stage. I’m traveling & photographing inside my county or (in good cases) inside my country.

  • On 06.19.12 ashley wrote these words:

    Wow, this is amazing 😀 Some parts gave me goose bumps.

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